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As much as Master Beck enjoys teaching, he can't teach for free -- a location to train in is a necessity and his time has value. However, without his own storefront and a lease hanging over his head, he doesn't have to require long term commitments or contracts the way many schools do, and BMA will never do sales tricks like cash out discounts. Pricing is simple and straightforward. Rates are per prepaid month (large discount over 50%), prepaid 6-pack (small discount 1/6 off), or per class on a pay-as-you-go basis. This encourages students to come to as many classes as possible while keeping things reasonable for those who can't train as regularly and allowing for drop-ins. There are also family discounts to encourage relatives to train together, and crosstraining discounts to encourage open minds. Students pay Master Beck all fees directly and he pays rent to EPA/PAC. If you are here to price compare, that is not really a good way to decide on a school. Price does not correlate directly with quality. A low price doesn't mean a bad product, nor does a high price mean it's great. The bottom line is that martial arts is not a commodity business, it is a service. You may find a martial arts school on every street corner, but there is no McDonald's type of consistency -- every school and every teacher is different. I am not a fit for everybody. At BMA you are encouraged to try it (first class FREE!) and see if it fits you and your needs. There are many other criteria you can consider besides price before deciding on a school; let me expound on some:

- Style - styles *do* have pluses and minuses, although the individual is always more important than the style.

- Rank of Instructor - Certifying organizations vary. Some have good quality control, some do not. Every so often a TV station does a story with a reporter obtaining a black belt for their dog via the mail... How many years the instructor has been studying is a better indicator than the number on the piece of paper they have on the wall. If they have jumped from organization to organization or if they won't tell you their rank history that's a bad sign.

- Lineage - It may seem impressive to have studied with a 'name' - a Bruce Lee, a Remy Presas, a Chuck Norris. Or to trace back over a hundred years to the founder of an art. But how much was lost in translation? There's usually a dropoff at every level...

- Skill of instructor - An instructor who might be a fantastic martial artist could be a lousy teacher, with very little or none of his/her skill coming across to the students. The best way is to judge a teacher by his/her students, and not by just one. By and large, are they respectful, friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled?

- Teacher/Student Relationship - Some people respond well to lots of overt discipline and a military atmosphere. Some do not. Teachers vary with whether they encourage questions in class and with how relaxed or how serious the atmosphere is.

- School focus - The best school in the world for Olympic Taekwondo competition is not going to do much for a police officer needing skill in restraint techniques. 'Combat' focus on disabling or killing techniques are great for a sentry; not for your 10 year old to have ingrained as muscle memory instant reaction. Does what the school focuses on meet YOUR needs?

Current Specials

  • Private lessons
  • Introductory trial (group class - FREE!!!!!
  • Introductory package - $49 - includes intro half hour private lesson and 4 group classes
  • Bring a Friend - Bring a friend along, they get a free trial class, you get a 1/2 price private lesson. Bring 2 friends, get a free private lesson.

Regular Prices for Group Classes:

  • Arnis 3x/week: $35 per class, $175 for a 6-pack, $195 for a month (typically 12 classes which would be $420 on a per class basis, you save BIG going monthly)
  • Hapkido 3x/week: $35 per class, $175 for a 6-pack of classes, $195 for a month (typically 12 classes)
  • Taekwondo 2x/week: $35 per class, $175 for a 6-pack of classes, $130 for a month (typically 8 classes)

Regular Prices for Private Lessons: Private lessons can be any time mutually agreeable to student and Master Beck. If held at another location, Master Beck may charge an additional $1/mile outside a 20 mile roundtrip. Introductory private lesson (1/2 hour) $25 Private lesson (1 hour) $150 Semi-private lesson (1 hour, 2-5 people) $250

Prices for Rank Promotion Fees: Prices for Rank Promotion Fees: Belt Rank Certification Fees are the same across the arts. Each art has 10 levels under black belt. For the first 3 rank tests, $50. For the second, $75. For the third, $100. For black belt levels, $150 plus the certification fee of the relevant organization.

Discounts: (Discounts apply off a monthly base). Discounts do not stack.

  • Family discount - 30% off each additional family member
  • Crosstraining discount - 30% off each additional art
  • Packaged private lessons - 10% off when buying 3 or more