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Beck Martial Arts Arnis (Weapons)

The Beck Martial Arts Arnis program is based on Arnis de Leon and Modern Arnis. Modern Arnis is the martial art developed by Professor Remy A. Presas based on the stickfighting and knifefighting arts of the Phillipines variously known as kali or escrima or eskrima with a few aspects of karate and jujitsu. Professor Presas developed new training methods and revised techniques to create a standalone fighting system and preserve what was a dying art. The art is known primarily for weapons training, but also involves empty hand strikes, kicks, joint locks, grappling, throws, empty hand forms, and stick forms.

Arnis de Leon is a new style based on Modern Arnis formed by Anding de Leon, a student of Professor Presas for over 30 years. David N. Beck has studied Arnis since 1993, including 4 summer camps with Professor Presas before his death and ongoing training the entire time with Grandmaster de Leon, plus occasional training with many other teachers. A Master Instructor in Hapkido and Taekwondo, Guro Beck is certified Lakan Dalawa (2nd degree level black belt) with the International Arnis de Leon Federation.

See the Videos page for some samples of Guro Beck demonstrating Arnis. Guro Beck invites anyone with experience or interest in arnis or any Filipino Martial Art to join us in the occasional get-togethers of the Metroplex Arnis Players Association. This is a grouping of a number of DFW area FMA instructors interested in sharing information and cross-training.