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Sin Moo Hapkido

Beck Martial Arts - Sin Moo Hapkido

Fighting Art of Coordinated Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Power

BMA Hapkido has been strongly influenced by Sin Moo Hapkido. SMHKD was formed by Dojunim Han Jae JI circa 1980 to put more stress on mental and spiritual training than the primarily technique oriented Hapkido he hadtaught since 1956. There are 9 rules to follow in making Sin Moo HKD a way oflife. These are straight out of Taoist teachings.


1. Healthy food.Do not eat foods that inhibit your body's development of adrenaline (physical Ki power). Pork is bad for the heart, poultry is bad forthe lungs, alcohol is bad for the brain, scalelessfish is bad for the liver, too much salt is bad for the kidneys, and too muchspicy food is bad for the stomach. These organs are all involved in the production of adrenaline.

2. Healthy sex. Don't freak out, this is straight out of Taoist teachings...Sex is part of a normal relationship between husband and wife, but a man should not ejaculate too often. Using age as a guideline, in your 20s- once a week, 30s - once every two weeks, 40s - oncea month, 50s - once every two months.

3. Healthy meditation. Perform slow controlled breathing through the nose, withyour mouth closed but teeth not clenched and your tongue touching the roof ofyour mouth. Have the spine and neck straight, as if you're looking straightforward. (Your eyes may be closed or open, if open let them unfocus.)Meditation along with sleep is how to recharge your physical batteries. There are many ways to meditate; all involve relaxation and deep breathing. The only religious connotation to it is what you impose yourself; if praying is speakingto God, meditation can be listening.


4. Avoid anger.

5. Avoid sadness (grief).

6. Avoid greed.


7. Moderate the amount of liquids you drink and do not let hot or cold liquids come in contact with your molars.These teeth trigger the release of adrenaline.

8. Moderate your air intake so that the air is neither cold nor hot as itenters the lungs. Exercise and use the lungs fully, breathing through the nose.Use the diaphragm, not the chest or shoulders.

9. Moderate the amount of sunshine you receive. Sunshine at your back is energizing, but on your face saps your strength. Meditate with the sun behindyou.

There is quite a bit more information on Sin Moo Hapkido meditation and philosophy on Master Sean Bradley's web site.