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Beck Martial Arts teaches the distinct martial art styles of Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Arnis. In the Dallas Fort Worth area overall and in Richardson Texas in particular, punching/kicking martial arts such as Taekwondo or Karate are everywhere, with the latest flavor of the month mixing in a little Brazilian Jujitsu ground fighting to cash in on the popularity of UFC type MMA. Joint-locking arts (Hapkido, Hwarangdo, Kuk Sool Won, Han Moo Do, Viet No Vuem) and weaponry arts (arnis, kali, eskrima, Filipino martial arts) are rare, with high quality instruction rarer still. Most commercial 'martial art' schools nowadays are either kid-focused belt factories, adult sport competition-focused, or fitness focused kickboxing workout aerobics. Nothing wrong with any of that, but none is really self-defense, which is what martial arts is really about. The three arts of Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Arnis taught at BMA mix well, but each is an excellent standalone martial art and each is best taught separately with respect for its cultural flavor, tradition, and history. Beck Martial Arts goal is to provide the best instruction possible in these three distinct arts to provide people with self-defense and self-improvement.

Martial Arts Benefits

What can I gain from training at Beck Martial Arts? See Students' Words

- Physical skills: You'll learn joint locks, kicks, punches, throws, pressure points, falls, etc. But you will also gain better general health, balance, strength, better flexibility, and a more coordinated body.

- Mental skills: You'll improve your discipline, confidence, respect, self-esteem, courtesy, alertness, focus, even stress management. You will learn to persevere and overcome obstacles.

- Integration skills: You'll learn to put it all together. The mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind. Your physical actions affect your emotions and thoughts, and vice versa. If you put a smile on your face, you feel happier. You will learn to coordinate your thoughts and actions together, so mind and body are as one.

- Self-defense skills: You'll learn not just physical skills but will also improve your alertness, reaction time, awareness, focus of mentality, and commitment -- all of which have tremendous effects on self-defense capabilities.

- Life skills: All the already mentioned skills translate well to success in other areas of life as well. Plus the life skills of how to set and achieve goals, persevere to overcome setbacks, and meet high expectations come out time and again in all the 'secrets of success' books. For children, it often comes out as better grades and better behavior. For adults, it comes out as the confidence to assert yourself, the sensitivity to surroundings to adapt to changing conditions, and the ability to control emotions and react with rational behavior. These skills bring harmony to your life.

Beck Martial Arts Hapkido Hapkido (Self-Defense) Beck Martial Arts Hapkido kicks

Hapkido is a comprehensive and effective Korean self defense system involving joint locks, pressure points, throws, kicks, and strikes. In Hapkido you learn how to protect yourself in the full range of self-defense situations -- from an unwelcome touch to an immediate threat to your life.
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Beck Martial Arts Arnis Arnis (weaponry/stickfighting/knife fighting) Beck Martial Arts Arnis sinawali

Arnis is a Filipino martial art also known as escrima, eskrima, kali, Modern Arnis, and Arnis de Leon. It combines stick fighting, knife fighting, karate, and jujitsu. The art is known primarily for weapons training, but it is a complete martial art including empty hand strikes, kicks, joint locks, grappling, and throws.
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Beck Martial Arts Kickboxing Taekwondo (Martial Fitness kickboxing) Beck Martial Arts Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a hugely popular Korean martial art of kicking, blocking, and striking that is also an Olympic sport. That popularity is nice but also means that most schools are focused on competition or on socialization of children. There's nothing wrong with that, but TKD is also an excellent martial art and a fun way to stay fit for adults and teens who can sometimes get lost in the sea of kids at some schools. The goal of this class at BMA is a fun informal setting (uniforms optional) for adolescents and adults emphasizing fitness while developing fundamental kicking, punching, striking, and sparring skills in a safe supportive environment.
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Beck Martial Arts Hapkido Private Lessons and Seminars Beck Martial Arts Hapkido

Private Lessons allow you to tailor your training as you see fit! You might have immediate special concerns, be more comfortable than in a group setting, need an individualized intensity level of training, need immediate feedback, need individualized scheduling, desire extra work on specific techniques from HKD, TKD Arnis, etc. It could be something as specific as wheelchair defense or blind defense. Private lessons work outside the defined syllabus of a style - they are totally about your individual needs.
Seminars are a good way to address special needs of a group. Master Beck is available to teach self-defense seminars for women, teens, or children, bully strategies, technique areas like joint locks, pressure points, jump kicks etc; and weaponry areas like cane, stick, knife, even improvised weapons like credit cards or shopping bags.
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