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Beck Martial Arts - Self Defense and Self Improvement

Beck Martial Arts teaches the distinct martial art styles of Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Arnis. In the Dallas Fort Worth area overall and in Texas in particular, punching/kicking martial arts such as Taekwondo or Karate are everywhere, with the latest flavor of the month mixing in a little Brazilian Jujitsu ground fighting to cash in on the popularity of UFC type MMA. Joint-locking arts (Hapkido, Hwarangdo, Kuk Sool Won, Han Moo Do, Viet No Vuem) and weaponry arts (arnis, kali, eskrima, Filipino martial arts) are rare, with high quality instruction rarer still. Most commercial 'martial art' schools nowadays are either kid-focused belt factories, adult sport competition-focused, or fitness focused kickboxing workout aerobics. Nothing wrong with any of that, but none is really self-defense, which is what martial arts is really about. The three arts of Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Arnis taught at BMA mix well, but each is an excellent standalone martial art and each is best taught separately with respect for its cultural flavor, tradition, and history. Beck Martial Arts goal is to provide the best instruction possible in these three distinct arts to provide the people with self-defense and self-improvement.

Benefits of Training

What can I gain from training at Beck Martial Arts?

- Physical skills: You'll learn joint locks, kicks, punches, throws, pressure points, falls, etc. But you will also gain better general health, balance, strength, better flexibility, and a more coordinated body.

- Mental skills: You'll improve your discipline, confidence, respect, self-esteem, courtesy, alertness, focus, even stress management. You will learn to persevere and overcome obstacles.

- Integration skills: You'll learn to put it all together. The mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind. Your physical actions affect your emotions and thoughts, and vice versa. If you put a smile on your face, you feel happier. You will learn to coordinate your thoughts and actions together, so mind and body are as one.

- Self-defense skills: You'll learn not just physical skills but will also improve your alertness, reaction time, awareness, focus of mentality, and commitment -- all of which have tremendous effects on self-defense capabilities.

- Life skills: All the already mentioned skills translate well to success in other areas of life as well. Plus the life skills of how to set and achieve goals, persevere to overcome setbacks, and meet high expectations come out time and again in all the 'secrets of success' books. For children, it often comes out as better grades and better behavior as well as needed physical activity in a positive atmosphere. For adults, it comes out as the confidence to assert yourself, the sensitivity to surroundings to adapt to changing conditions, and the ability to control emotions and react with rational behavior. These skills bring harmony to your life.


Studying arnis under Master Beck for the past 6 months and find the instruction excellent and the subject very interesting - highly recommended.

- HT Chiu

used to be his assistant instructor in taekwondo from 1998-2000 and he inspired me when I was younger. Master Beck has always been one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. Also I have been his friend for 25 years now

- Jonathan Ragsdill

He taught me a lot of great self-defense concepts when I was younger! Best Hapkido you'll find in DFW.

- Tommy Sealock

Want More Info?

The site has lots of info about Master Beck and the arts he teaches. You can view video examples at this YouTube channel. And you can ask questions from the Contact-Us page.

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